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Article: The Most Popular Men’s Wallets and What They Say About You

The Most Popular Men’s Wallets and What They Say About You

The Most Popular Men’s Wallets and What They Say About You

A wallet is an essential accessory for men just like a smartphone. Wallets are very rarely seen, but this is what will set you apart in the masses of men that don’t care about the little things. A men’s wallet doesn’t just carry your money; it carries your IDs, credit cards, receipts, and the list goes on.

With all these items being shoved into your wallet, it may end up looking like a thick chunky mess if you’re not careful. When choosing a wallet, it has to be slick, stylish, and functional. While a chunky wallet may be practical, it sure isn’t sleek and stylish.

This is why we’re here to help you by showing you five types of wallets, their uses, and what they say about you. Before diving straight in, we have to identify what a wallet actually is. This way, it’ll be a lot easier to understand why different types of wallets exist and why people prefer one wallet from another.

What is A Wallet?

A wallet, by definition, is a folding pocketbook usually made out of leather that is large enough to contain paper money, credit cards, IDs, etc. So it’s anything that can hold cash and any other essentials that you’d need to bring around daily.

Wallets come in different sizes and shapes for a plethora of reasons. Different kinds of wallets are for different types of people. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you need and what you prefer. As such, the following wallets are the most common and the best choices when it comes to design and function.

5 Stylish Wallets That You Should Put In Your Shopping List

Bi-fold Wallet

Type of man: A person who prefers cleanliness and functionality without much razzle-dazzle

The bi-fold wallet is one of the most common types of wallets. It’s sleek, minimalistic, and gets the job done. It has a place for your credit cards, your money, and a slot for your ID. The bi-fold wallet is named a timeless classic, and we understand why. This wallet is usually what we’d suggest as the go-to wallet for men who are looking for a simple wallet.

Some brands functionally design their bi-fold wallets to be slim, which makes it less of a hassle to bring around. This leather wallet can fit into most crevasses of your jeans or pants, which some thick wallets can’t do. It’s also great if you don’t want to bring around a thick wallet that would be an inconvenience. The bi-fold leather wallet is also great if you don’t have much space left inside your bag and your pockets are full.

This wallet is for the type of man that doesn’t need much razzle-dazzle to stand out. A professional that doesn’t need much gratification for his choices but still wants to look clean and efficient. If you get this type of wallet you will be the epitome of the word “minimalistic” and “mature.”


Money Clip

Type of man: A type of person that prefers organization and portability.

Usually mocked and ostracized because it’s “not a wallet”, the money clip is a force to be reckoned with. Some people even consider money clips as indispensable. The money clip is the smallest kinds of wallets and is usually used with the intention of holding a small amount of money.  

The money clip is compact and serves its purpose of holding money in place. It may not be the best wallet in terms of style, but it does its job, and it beats having the money getting crumpled up in your pocket. There are different designs that double the clip as bottle openers or knives as well.

You could also use the to clip in credit cards and IDs if you have a lot of both, but this wallet is linear and usually only used to clip in a wad of cash. It’s a lot less versatile than the other wallets in this list. That doesn’t mean it’s a lousy wallet though, because of how small the clip is it’s a lot more portable than all the wallets in this list.

This kind of wallet is for a man that just wants to focus on the functionality of the wallet. This is a great item for men that want something that serves its purpose and serves it efficiently. You should consider getting this if you want something compact and something you can have a lot of.

Phone Case Wallet

Type of man: A man who wants all of their essentials in one place.

If you’re the type of person that wants to shove in just about anything into their wallet, you may have thought about putting in your phone as well. With the help of a phone case wallet, you can do that! A phone case wallet combines a phone case with the slots that a wallet has. It has slots for credit cards, IDs, money, and your precious phone.

It’s incredibly efficient if you don’t want to bring a bag for your stuff or if you don’t want to buy extra money for a phone case. It’s also great cause you only have to keep an eye on one thing instead of always keeping an eye on both your wallet and phone. Most of these wallets are also built to last, which means you shouldn’t worry about having to replace it any time soon.

Note that this wallet is rather bulky and since you have all your essentials in one leather case, you have to be extra careful not to lose it. You run the risk of losing all of your essentials at once because it’s grouped up in one place so have constant vigilance when using this. This wallet is for someone who wants to have them all in one experience. Men who wish to have all they need in one piece.


Card Holder Wallet

Type of Man: A man who likes innovation and convenience.

The cardholder wallet is one of the newest additions to the wallet family. It’s mainly used to store your credit cards or IDs. Some cardholder wallets have money bands on the inside so that it can double as both a cardholder and as a money clip.

The one cardholder that stands out is the Smart Slide Wallet from Karakoram 2. The smart slide wallet stands out because of the card pop-up mechanism that gives a lot more accessibility. This mechanism allows the cards to pop-out for easier access. With a pull of a lever, you can get the cards that you need for the situation.

The cardholder wallet is actually extremely underrated. It’s slim and sleek design, and the overwhelming convenience that it brings makes it a top choice when getting a wallet.

Thick Wallet

Type of Man: A man that wants the rustic and vintage feel of a thick wallet.

This wallet is something you want to avoid. It’s thick, chunky, and a possible health hazard for not only men but also women. It’s a hassle to bring around as well because of its size. It may have plenty of space to put your credit card, receipts, IDs, and money in, but it’s overall just a significant inconvenience.

This wallet is something that is outdated, but it at least has a more rustic and old feel than the more modern and sleek slim wallet. And some chunky wallets can also fit over 20 cards, so I guess it has that going for it. The cons outweigh the pros, but I it’s all up to whatever floats your boat.

Travel Wallet

Type of Man: An adventurer that frequently travels.

While most wallet companies are starting to adapt and make their wallets rather small and compact, the need for more extensive or longer wallets is still apparent. The travel wallet fits the bill perfectly for a long wallet that’s still slick and thin at the same time. Travel wallets are longer than most wallets because it’s built to accommodate one’s tickets, passports, international passports, brochures, etc.

This wallet is usually used when traveling as the name implies. Because of that, it features a money strap or clip on the inside and multiple slots for your cards and ID.

In conclusion, we can probably say that a wallet is similar to Batman’s utility belt. In the sense that it contains everything you need to survive in the modern age, it’s always with you and it’s convenient. Wallets also say a lot about who you are as a man and how you should probably take into account the little details to stand out.

With this in mind, it all boils down to what you need in a wallet and the convenience that the wallet can bring. It’s not always about style but if you want to impress the people around you, thinking about it is not always a bad thing. 

From a bi-fold wallet that’s slick, slim, and convenient for everyday use. To a travel wallet that’s incredibly convenient for the outgoing adventurer or for the father that wants a great vacation with his family. Keep your money secure with the wallets that we presented to you today and have a fantastic time wallet shopping.

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