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Our Materials


"All k2 goods are made from high quality full-grain leather. We select the highest-grade hides, because the character of good leather underlines the quality of design, and it is the most important decision for the subsequent quality of our products."

Premium natural materials make Karakoram2 wallets. Proving good design and sustainability don't have to be mutually exclusive. Sustainably sourced full grain leather that has a low carbon footprint and is made to last.

We use premium full grain leather which is sustainably sourced from select tanneries across the world. Sustainably Sourced Leather (SSL) means that the environmental impact has been a key consideration in each step from leather sourcing, tanning to production. Leather hides mostly come from animals raised for their meat; which means they’re a byproduct from another industry rather than taking up additional resources.

Karakoram2 stands proud in advocating eco-friendly and sustainable leather production processes. We are one with you in promoting eco-friendly fashion and environmental sustainability. You have our assurance that the principle of environmental protection guides our operations.

We’ve taken extra steps to give you the best quality leather wallets while fulfilling our promise of producing them in an ethical, eco-friendly, and sustainable way.

Environmental Cost of Conventional Leather Production

There are three stages of leather production:

  1. Obtaining raw materials
  2. Leather production
  3. Producing the finished leather goods

The first two stages are the ones with a negative environmental impact. Millions of livestock are being used every year for leather production. The rearing of animals leads to severe environmental problems such as deforestation, water and air pollution, and greenhouse gasses emission, therefore contributing to climate change.

The fashion industry is the second highest contributor to harming the environment and the conventional leather production process has been identified as the primary contributor to this destruction.

Conventional leather production uses chrome tanning. This process involves chrome tanning agents, which produce carcinogenic chromium, a highly toxic chemical. It is a faster method, but it is most harmful to the environment too.

With these stages, leather production has an environmental impact of 159, an alarming figure compared to other materials.

Our Suppliers

Understanding the leather supply chain is key to sustainable leather production. With the plethora of suppliers from different countries, sourcing leather in an ethical way can be challenging.

But just like the mountain, it is named after, Karakoram2 is known to conquer these challenges. The brand takes an extra effort to understand our suppliers and ensure that they meet international environmental compliance laws and standards.

We get to know our suppliers to guarantee that they are one with us in our vision of producing premium quality but eco-friendly leather products.  


Our Leather

 Our leather is processed through vegetable tanning – an eco-friendly alternative to conventional chrome tanning. Unlike chrome tanning, vegetable tanning uses all-natural materials like tree barks and oak in turning hide into leather.

This process is more expensive and takes more time, but we’d always choose environmental sustainability over anything else.

The vegetable-tanned leather ages gracefully and acquires a beautiful patina and polish over time, giving you the same high-quality leather without damaging the environment.k2 leather wallets

Our Promise


Karakoram2 takes pride in our eco-friendly practices. We share the clamour of making the fashion industry more sustainable. We take the lead in showing other companies that an eco-friendly alternative is a path each of us should take.

Our clients can stand proud in each Karakoram2 piece they own with our resolve to minimise adverse environmental effects. Each piece is a testament to support for environmental protection. Each piece is a materialisation of a consciousness revolution that is already taking the world by storm.