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Article: The Beauty In The Design Of Men's Wallets

The Beauty In The Design Of Men's Wallets
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The Beauty In The Design Of Men's Wallets

You might be shopping for something grand like new clothes or a spiffy new watch or something less seen, just like a wallet. The design of the item itself should be put as an utmost priority along with comfort-ability and also how convenient it is. It's comfortable in the sense that it should make using it a lot easier. The primary example would be a wallet that is incredibly underrated, the money clip or the money clip wallet.

A wallet shouldn’t just have a minimalist and well thought of design; it should also make accessing your cash and cards effortless. This convenience is what we want to highlight when we’re talking about its design. Now, what makes a perfect wallet?

You might think that a perfect wallet is a wallet that’s large and shows that you’re manly. If this were 1970, that would be the case. However, we’re in the modern age; the perfect wallet would have to be slim, aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and should fit your needs.

At Karakoram2, we spend hours on end designing, testing, and refining our state of the art wallets. This has resulted in a multitude of functional innovations such as the “easy pull tab” and the “card slide mechanism.” Our meticulous approach and attention to detail is what differentiates us and puts us at the top of our competition!

Read on and be informed on our design choices on our latest money clip slim wallet and what makes it stand out from the rest of men’s wallets in Australia and New Zealand.

Easy Pull Tabs

We have first to discuss what a pull tab is. A pull tab is the section of the wallet which allows you to pull out your cards a lot easier out of your wallet. This not only improves efficiency but also saves you a lot of time and effort. Karakoram2’s slim-line wallets and Sublime wallets have these pull tabs so make sure to check them out on the website and give them a try along with the other wallets in our store!

Most wallets, slim or thick, don’t even have pull tabs! Having pull tabs is a lot more convenient and allows for seamless access to your essentials. These pull tabs also pair up incredibly well with the card slider mechanism as well as it makes the cards slide right off of their slot when you pull it. The overall accessibility that this will significantly improve the comfort you’ll have when using this wallet. 

mens moneyclip wallet australia

With these slick and slim pull tabs on the money clip wallet, it makes it double up not only as a slim money clip but it also turns into a travel wallet because of how easily it can store cards and things that are similar! It can hold up to 10 cards all in all, which is quite impressive.

This design choice makes it not just stylish, but also more modern and a lot more convenient. If you’re a person who wants a travel wallet but not one that’s too large or bulky, this could be a great alternative.

Rolled Soft Edges

Another big problem that we noticed is that some wallets don’t have rolled edges. Squared off edges tend to wear out a lot sooner than rounded ones. Rolled rims add a lot more durability as they have a higher resistance to wear and tear. It feels better in your pocket when you’re storing it, and it’s also a lot more pleasing for the eyes. All karakoram2 wallets have rolled leather edges for added durability. Featured below is K2 Sublime wallet in it's beautiful brown colour.

 Karakoram2 Sublime mens wallet blue brown

Sharper and pointier edges make a wallet look blocky and square or rectangular which you don’t want if you plan on looking good. It also makes the wallet seem a lot more rigid or rough.

By rolling up and making the edges look softer, it makes the wallet look more delicate as an effect. It makes it look more aesthetically pleasing overall. The more elastic rounded edges also help it roll right out of your pockets, which is a bonus for people who like wearing skinny jeans. 

Aside from feeling good in the pocket, the rounded edges also feel a lot better when you’re holding it. The rounded edges don’t poke you and instead make your grip firmer. This, in combination with the slimmer pull tabs, makes it look a lot smaller and thinner, which is an intentional design choice.

Card Slider Mechanism

What’s the most prominent and most noticeable design choice on the newest wallet design? The card slider mechanism is a feature that we added for accessibility, comfort, and convenience. Isn’t it just a hassle to open up your slim wallet to shuffle through your cards and pull it out with difficulty? With this mechanism it makes you get the correct card in under a second.

Cardholder wallet credit cards

All you have to do is pull the lever that is located on the bottom left of the slim wallet and watch as your cards get pushed out by the mechanism in a line so you can pull out the right card that you need. The lever doesn’t obstruct with the comfort and design as well. It also won’t activate while in your pocket because it has to be pulled and not pushed.

Gone are the days of standing awkwardly in a line as the cashier stares at you while struggling to whip out your card. This is modern, convenient, and looks slick. You will get attention when you use this as well as it’s one of the first wallets ever to have this function.

This design doesn’t easily break as well, which is a given considering we use quality materials. This wallet just screams modern while being traditional. Traditional because at the end of the day, it is there to eliminate clutter and make your life easy. A combination of a modern pop up mechanism and at the same time being about as slim as regular slim wallets, this really can indeed be considered as art. 

Full-Grain Leather

Full grain leather karakoram2

Most wallets on the market today either use cheap imitation leather or otherwise rather low quality wallets that they strengthen and design to look better. This is a tactic they use to cut on costs to save money. At Karakoram2 however, we use full-grain leather. Full grain leather is the most durable part of the hide of an animal. It’s located below the hide of the animal. The grain pattern is very tight which makes it great at resisting moisture.

While genuine leather or bonded leather on wallets may be cheaper, it lacks durability and the quality feel of the full-grain leather. It also breaks and withers away a lot quicker than full-grain leather.

You can feel the difference between the bonded or genuine leather when compared to the full-grain one. The full-grain leather also pairs well with the stitching on the wallet, which makes it look minimalistic but eye-catching.

Full-grain leather also looks more elegant because it isn’t sanded. It’s also vegetable-tanned, so it makes it look more organic and a lot better in the long run. It also develops a beautiful patina over time as it ages. Overall, the wonderful texture of the leather and the durability and elegance makes it look and feel high class. Making the owner look and feel top class as well.

Flexible Money Clip

Unlike most slim wallets that have a separate compartment for their paper money, this one doesn’t have one. This may sound like a huge downside, but hear me out. The reason why it doesn’t have one is to keep it slimmer; instead, it has a money clip. The metal money clip is a lot more convenient to use than a separate slot for your money.

Because you’d already have credit cards if you’re using this wallet, you’d probably not bring around a lot of paper money. Having a separate slot would be overkill at this point. Having a money clip saves a lot of space, which again helps keep it slim. Don’t underestimate the money clip wallet though, the money clip is quite flexible and can fit multiple folded bills at once.

This design choice makes the wallet a lot slimmer and a lot more modern as well. And with all these designs combined into one wallet, what more do you need?


Congratulations on making it this far into the article. We hope that we’ve convinced you into checking out one of our men’s wallets in New Zealand. Maybe we even taught you a thing or two about things that you’ve never known before! Make sure you stay classy and sharp in the modern age with our slick and modern wallets.

Design is art; it is a way wherein our team can express themselves and brainstorm ideas. Ideas that may seem outrageous at first but end up being genius. At the same time, the design is also a way of looking good. A wallet can say many things about you, and by getting our wallets, you can make those things positive.

With multiple positive reviews on each one of our wallets, it is only a matter of time before you get one of our wallets as well. Go ahead and receive your compliments now by getting this smart slide slim wallet now. Have style and comfort in your pockets now.

Karakoram2 mens wallets

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