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Article: Symmetry and Simplicity Make a Gorgeous Design and Here is Why

Symmetry and Simplicity Make a Gorgeous Design and Here is Why

Symmetry and Simplicity Make a Gorgeous Design and Here is Why

There’s a saying that’s been circulating for years now. “Simplicity is beauty.” And that’s no understatement either. Simple things tend to look and make us feel better. Simplicity and minimalism are what make people appreciate not only the bigger things in life but also the subtle little things.

 Empire State Building  Symmetry

Eiffel Tower Symmetry

This simplicity and sense of minimalism isn’t a stranger when it comes to wallets either. Wallets have always had a track record of being over-designed by many manufacturers. In some instances, these wallets can look extremely beautiful, but most of the time, it seems like a mess of colors and designs that don't match up.

There’s a reason why these overly colorful creations are slowly dwindling. And this is because of people realizing that this doesn’t work anymore. Minimalism is the way to go.

When looking for a wallet, you don’t want one that would make you seem childish or immature. You want one that makes you look like you’re in control of your life and professional. A wallet is a thing you’ll be bringing daily, so it reflects how people view you as a person, as well. 

With this in mind, I’m here to prove to you why simplicity and minimalism is the way to go and why minimalist wallets are all the rage as of right now.


The Beauty Of Minimalism

Minimalism has always been a constant in both our culture and our society. Being a minimalist has even been more or less a trend or a personality trait for some people. This isn’t a bad thing because being a minimalist lets you set a perfect standard of how you would like to be presented.

Being presented as a minimalist helps you create fun ways to dress up or even decorate your household. Minimalism has become a trend, and we should honestly just embrace it. The simplicity of specific designs also makes minimalistic items easier to buy because it tends to the preference of basically anyone. Because some people may pass up an over-designed tribal shirt, but almost no one would say that a plain black shirt looks horrible. It’s honestly just simple psychology. 

Minimalism is just overall, a great concept to accept, and many people agree!!


Minimalistic Wallets and Why You Should Pick Them Up

“Now, why would you want to invest in a minimalistic wallet when you have perfectly good alternatives at a better price?” This is the central question that people have in mind whenever they’re told to get a new wallet. The answer to that question is basically because these minimalistic wallets, especially from companies such as Karakoram2, are durable and not too expensive considering the quality that you get.

There are a plethora of wallets that you can buy that are made from fabrics or cotton that are reasonably cheap, but they won't last you long. The minimalistic wallets at Karakoram2 are tough and even develop a more beautiful color as time goes on because of the high-quality leather that they use.

Minimalistic wallets also give out a professional vibe and also gives out a sense of security to some degree. The overall feel of the simple design of the plain leather is also superb, and it just feels perfect to the touch. Because the wallet has a minimalistic design, it also doesn’t pop out, unlike wallets that have bright glaring colors that are painful to the eyes like neon.

Featured below is a K2 Sublime wallet.

 Karakoram2 bifold mens wallet

What to Look For in a Minimalist Wallet

When looking for a minimalist wallet, there are, of course, some factors that you have to consider. Just running up to your closest store and picking a wallet with minimalist design could prove to be dangerous. It can also lead you to hate these types of wallets because of that bad experience.

So here’s what you SHOULD look for when buying a minimalist wallet:


The Quality of The Materials


Quality is better than quantity. You can buy ten $10 wallets, but a functional $100 wallet would still outlast the lower quality wallets with lower-quality materials. When looking for a minimalist wallet, don’t be fooled by how the leather looks. Some companies use imitation leather that will end up being tattered after a few months of use.

Genuine leather and high-grade leather are materials of the highest quality that you can get for your wallet. This leather won’t tatter easily and will also look more and more beautiful as it ages. This is because of the patina that accumulates creating a more vibrant and fuller color as time goes on — bonus points for the minimalist wallets at Karakoram2 since they use high-grade wallets that are vegetable-tanned.

Because of how it’s vegetable-tanned, it actually further reinforces it and increases the durability. This also helps with creating a rich and even, to some extent, beautifully dark and ominous color that you can only get from this method. Similar to how wood varnish amplifies the color of the wood, vegetable tanning does the same to the leather.


Craftsmanship and Design

The craftsmanship of a wallet is an essential part of what makes it good. Sure, you can use high-quality materials. You can probably even use the best materials in the world when creating a wallet. But if the craftsmanship is weak then it still wouldn’t matter.

Check how the wallet overall feels and try to look for flaws that may be present. Look at how it’s stitched, how to leather was worked with, and if the parts are symmetrical. These are only some ways you can look at the level of craftsmanship present in the wallet.

Another way is to ask the shop itself how the wallet was made. If it’s handmade by experts that are well-trained in their craft or if novices or machines made it. There’s a clear difference between these three as it being hand made makes sure that it is properly adjusted and the flaws are minimal. Being handmade, it can also be custom made for you in the case that you do want one custom made.

Karakoram2 has an edge once again because all of their wallets and especially the minimalist ones are handmade. The design is also carefully worked on by their expert team, and innovations are made day by day.

 Karakoram2 mens wallet design process

Presence of RFID Technology

The RFID technology isn’t something that new to us today. However, at the same time, a lot of wallets still don’t have this type of technology readily available in their wallets. Minimalist wallet or not, your wallet should have this because of how vital this is when protecting your safety.

In a nutshell, RFID technology helps you by shielding you from card readers that may steal and scan your information. Your information is at stake here, so spend a bit more money to ensure that you are currently safe from this. You can create a homemade version. However, this involves aluminum foil and duct tape, which will make your wallet look larger and bulkier, which is a no-no.

Once again, Karakoram2 bolts up the competition by having this feature as well. All of K2’s wallets sport this feature, which makes it one of the most secure manufacturers when it comes to keeping your information as safe as possible.


Number of Slots Available

This is a constant when you’re looking for a wallet. This should be at the top of your list if you’re going to buy a minimalist wallet, as well. You don’t want a wallet with too many slots as it’d look bulky and lose the minimalistic aesthetic. But at the same time, you don’t want to come up short-handed and have fewer slots than you actually need.

Consider how many cards or IDs you have before buying the wallet itself. Also, check if the wallet protrudes or bulks up when you put your items inside cause you don’t want this to happen. A minimalist wallet should keep the slim design to make sure it looks neat and sleek at all times.

Make sure to not over-do the number of cards you put in, though. There are card wallets that are created for the sole purpose of holding 10 or above cards and IDs in them. So if you have a lot of cards and can sacrifice the slot for actual money, you can get this instead.

K2 once again has your back as their slim wallets namely, Slimline, Smart Slide and Sublime, have just the right amount of slots while also maintaining that minimalistic look. It’s slim, sublime, and overall doesn’t bulk up by a significant amount when you fill up all of the slots.

Minimalist wallets look elegant and beautiful. No matter how you look at it, minimalist wallets are wallets that everyone can appreciate. Make sure you don’t miss out on the on-going trend by choosing the best of the best when it comes to minimalistic wallets. Karakoram2 has always been a top contender and will only continue to grow and innovate from here on out. So make sure to stay stylish and stay elegant using a minimalist wallet.


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