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Article: Men's Wallet Style Guide

Men's Wallet Style Guide

Men's Wallet Style Guide

When buying a men’s wallet, you should consider its function and style. First., it’s essential that the wallet you choose does what it needs to do. Pick a wallet that can carry the things you usually have with you such as cash, cards, keys, and coins.

Nonetheless, don’t forget about style. You don’t have to compromise function over style as long as you look in the right places. To start your search here are some style tips on how to choose the right wallet for you for someone else.

Wallet Types

Let’s start with the basic - wallet style. Yes, even men can choose different styles for their wallet, and here are some of the choices:


karakoram2 sublime mens billfold wallet leather australia


It’s can either be bi-fold or tri-fold which are also known as the classics. Majority of these types are made up of leather and are ultimately functional in housing your valuables. A timeless choice of colour can either be black or brown leather.

Super Slim

k2 the light slim wallet card holder pull tab

A super slim can hold a few cards and some cash. Why choose a slim wallet if it doesn’t help you carry everything? One of the benefits of having one is that it doesn’t make any impression in your pocket. Therefore, it’s best for tailored pants.


k2 smart slide mens cardholder wallet

From its name, sports wallets are great for travellers and sports enthusiasts. These types are often made up of synthetic material and keep its contents secure. The synthetic material is an excellent choice because it won't crack easily when left wet or exposed to the sun.

Money Clips

k2 slim line money clip mens wallet

It’s simple and functional and can carry a few bills and cards. Similar to slim wallets, it can fit perfectly in pockets without an impression, and it can even fit in the pocket of your jacket. Money clips are also made of different materials, and some are even made of steel.

Travel Wallets

karakoram2 glorious travel wallet

If you are travelling abroad, it’s best to have a travel wallet that allows you to carry more stuff. A travel wallet is an excellent choice as it can hold your passport, cash, identification, and cards.

Phone Case + Wallet

For a minimalist man, this can be the best choice. It reduces the weight and clutter in your pockets. However, you can’t bring a lot with it as this can house only 1 or 2 cards and some cash.

How to Choose Wallet for Men?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a wallet. However, we’ve narrowed it down to the basics:


Choose a neat colour that’s versatile for any occasion. Make sure that the colour also matches or compliments most of your clothes to avoid switching from time to time.


Don’t choose an oversized wallet to avoid or minimise any impression on your pocket. Make sure to buy the size that fits your usual valuables. Remember, clean your wallet regularly and throw out stuff that you don’t need anymore.



We know that leather is often the best choice. However, don’t limit yourself with one material only. Check out some wallets made of cotton or canvas and consider your needs before purchasing.

k2 wallet materials


A bigger wallet doesn’t mean more compartments. Check out the compartments first and, for example, if it can hold your 5 or 10 cards at the same time.

Choose the right wallet for you. It’s a good investment if you get something that’s durable, functional, and a wallet style that you love.

Don’t forget to consider these factors and designs as well. Not only that, check out new designs and materials in the market for a sleek and more modern look.

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