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Article: How to select the perfect gift for men

How to select the perfect gift for men

How to select the perfect gift for men

Giving gifts is one of the ways that we show appreciation to the one we love. Our gift for them symbolises how much we value them and how much we appreciate their presence in our lives.

Because gifts have such value, we are pressured to choose the best gifts to represent our love and appreciation to that person.

Selecting gifts for men can be particularly challenging because of the following reasons:

  1. There are fewer choices compared to that of a woman,
  2. They already have everything, or
  3. You don’t know what they like.

You might have seen memes on social networking sites showing the difference between a man and a woman shopping. Men go to the store, get what they want, and buy it off. That’s how simple they are when making choices for the things that they need or want to buy. This is what makes it quite challenging to choose the best gift for him.

Whether the gift is for your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, uncle, or nephew, we’ll give you some tips on how to select the perfect gift for him. We’ll show you three methods that can lead you to pick that gift that will be representative of your love for him.

Method 1: Giving him a Gift that he Wants

  1. Write down things that interest him;
  2. Ask him about his interests;
  3. Seek refuge online; and
  4. Narrow down your options to three.

Method 2: Giving him a Gift that he Needs

  1. Identify what he need;
  2. Ask his family or close friends;
  3. Ask him directly if what he wishes to have; and
  4. Check the prices.

Method 3: Giving him a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Gift

  1. Think of something meaningful to give him;
  2. List all the materials needed;
  3. Buy all the materials you need; and
  4. Make your gift.

Method 1: Giving Him a Gift that He Wants

1. Write down the things that interest him


If you know your man well already, then this first step is for you to start narrowing down your options. If you feel like you don’t know your man well yet, then this is your first step in discovering what his interests are.

Start by listing down activities that you’ve observed that interest him. Write down all the things that he regularly does or the things that he’d tell you he likes to do or would want to try to do.

From there, you can start researching things around his hobbies and interests. If he’s into a certain kind of sport, then buy him something that can help him play the sport better. If he’s into art, you can give him good quality art supplies. If he’s into music, you can give him some music accessories.

2. Ask him about his interests

If you’re still in doubt, you can also subtly ask him what he wants. But time is of element here. It’s better to plan because if you ask days before his birthday or the special occasion, then he’s most likely to suspect that you’re getting a gift for him, and it can spoil the element of surprise.

So start asking as far from the occasion as possible. Or, if you’re lucky that he voluntarily shares about what he likes, take down mental notes.

3. Seek refuge online

You can try to search online as well to further help you with your decision. Some blogs might offer insights that will help you solidify your choice. You might also come across some articles that have similarities with your situation.

You can even join forums and ask opinions from strangers. For example, if you are not very familiar with his interests, you can post a question in an online forum so they can help you with your options.

4. Narrow down your options to three

Now that you’ve got the entire list and the options, you’ll have to trim down your choices to the top three. This will help you decide better because you’ve already selected the most probable choices. You also have to choose an option that would match your budget.

Method 2: Give Him What He Needs

1. Identify what he needs

You can start by checking the place where he stays. When we say check, that doesn’t mean you’ll act like a detective and survey every corner of his room – he might feel invaded if you do that. Just do a quick survey. Look for possible things that you think can make his life better.

Guys might not give so much detail about a thing that can make their life convenient, and that is where you can come in. Give him a gift that is practical and can make his day to day life better.

As breadwinners, their hard-earned money is very important to them. Since most men are not so into fashion, they tend to be oblivious about choosing their wallet. So why not choose it for them, right? Wallets can be the safest and most practical gift you can give to men. Giving them a wallet is like protection all their hard work.

You can check out Karakoram2 Wallets. Their men’s leather wallets are equipped with RFID Blocking Technology that can protect you guy’s information from evil scammers. Their minimalist wallets are designed with superior functionality, so you are guaranteed that you’ll give them a functional, practical gift that is fashionable at the same time. You can also check out their card wallets if your man prefers to bring in more cards than cash.

Karakoram2 K2 premium leather wallets

2. Ask his family or close friends

If you want to gain more insight into what he might still need, then you can ask his close friends or family. He might have revealed some information to them that he didn’t say to you or is hesitant to tell you. 

Talking to other people who know him well can help you think of better things to give him.

 3. Ask him directly if what he wishes to have

Or if you’re brave enough, you can ask him yourself. Of course, you can try to phrase your question in a way that can be subtle or a bit misleading so that you can contain the element of surprise.

 4. Check the prices


Since these are things that he needs, some can be pricey. So you have to survey the prices online and check what you can afford. Just remember that while a gift is a representative of how a person means to you, it doesn’t have to be expensive.


Method 3: Giving him a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Gift

 1. Think of something meaningful to give him

First, you have to decide on what DIY project you are going to undertake. You can try to watch Youtube Videos or search for some inspiration on Pinterest. Then, choose a DIY project that you can do and follow.

2. List all the materials needed

Once you have selected your DIY Project, then list down all the elements that you will need. It is important to note that all of the materials up to glue, scissors, tapes, crafts, etc.

Since this will be your creation, it is essential to have a complete set of materials, so the lack of it won’t hamper your project.

3. Buy all the materials you need

When you buy your materials, you’ll realize that there might be some materials that are not precisely the same as the ones you will need. So you’ll have to be flexible to look for alternative materials.

4. Make your gift

Once everything is ready, you can begin your project. Just be patient as it might not be as easy as how it looked in the Youtube video. You should also have a specific allowance for mistakes. Since DIY projects are particular, there might be times when you’ll make the wrong creases or do the incorrect measurements.

Who would have thought gift-giving requires this kind deciphering and figuring? Well, we’re sure that you’d be willing to go through all this to make sure that you can show your love for your beloved.

Giving a gift might seem easy, but looking for the right one entails a lot of thinking, a little stress, and a bit of pressure. Just remember that its amount does not define the value of a gift.

Its value will be measured by how much love you have put into it – whether through spending money for it, spending time looking for the perfect one, or making time to create one. What’s important is that it's from the heart.

Are you ready to pick or make that gift for the guys of your life? We hope that we were able to give you power through and a guide on how to start choosing that perfect gift for your man.

You better start doing your research or visiting potential places where you can find the perfect gift for your man. You wouldn’t want to settle for what’s there just because you didn’t have enough time to look.



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