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Article: How should you Choose a Men's Wallet

How should you Choose a Men's Wallet

How should you Choose a Men's Wallet

If your answer is whatever is available, then it’s time that you put some thinking on how to select your wallet.

The wallet might be the most undervalued accessory of people. There’s not much thought given to it even though it holds some of the most important things that you need every day – cash, credit cards, and identification cards.

Your wallet is also part of your day to day accessory. It can act as an accent to your overall look. It complements your fashion statement and overall presentation.

More so, your wallet also tells something about your personality. It’s an extension of who you are. It is representative of your choice; therefore, it is saying what kind of person you are.

So, it’s time to put some thoughts on your wallet. There are a lot of different choices, styles, and sizes of the kind of wallet that would best fit you. To help you out, here are some expert tips that you can use in choosing the right wallet for you.

  1. Go for the classics

Go for a wallet that you can pair with many different styles. That’s why we would suggest that you go for the classics – neat, simple, and minimalist. Classic wallets are also timeless, so they never go out of style.

Wallets of this kind are very versatile so that you can use it for both formal and casual events. Classic wallets are straightforward to pair with most of what you have in your closet. With a wallet that can go along with different outfits on different occasions, it will be so much ease to use.

Also, remember that your wallet is very telling about your personality. Having a classic wallet is representative of your versatility, flexibility, and class – positive traits that can be associated with a classic wallet.

 Karakoram2 mens wallets in brown colour

  1. Choose the Right Size

For you to choose the right size of your wallet, let’s do an activity. Lay down all the contents of your wallet on the table. Then decide which of those things you are going to need every day. After you have all the items, you’ll need to bring daily, that’s when you can determine the size of your wallet.

After choosing all your essentials, you can now decide the right size for you. If you have some cards that you have to bring in, you can select a bi-fold or a tri-fold wallet. If you’re planning to bring only a few cards, you can go for a smart slide wallet. If you want to carry some cash along with your cards, a money clip wallet would be perfect.

Just keep in mind that it would be best to carry a wallet with all the essentials in it. This way, it will be easier to get what you need to use, and you won’t have to scour through your wallet to find it.

Many of us tend to keep small items in our wallets like receipts, old bills, and gift cards. These are things that you don’t need every day. Therefore, it will only provide clutter in your wallet.

Also, it wouldn’t be advisable to keep the fat and bulky wallet with you. This can cause misalignment of your spine, especially if you always sit on it. A fat and bulky wallet are also ugly to look at. It can ruin your look, and most of the time, would not complement with your fashion statement.

Always make it a habit to check your wallet from time to time to get rid of items that you don’t need. So, an important tip when you choose the right wallet size for you is to choose only to carry the basics.

K2 slim mens leather wallets RFID protected

  1. Choose the Right Material

Your lifestyle is the best consideration you need to have in mind when choosing the right material for your wallet.

If you are going for a professional look, then go for a leather wallet. Leather wallets are easily the top choice when it comes to business-related lifestyles. Leather wallets create an impression and impact to your business partners and clients.

One thing you need to consider, though, is whether the leather material is ethically sourced. Sustainable men’s leather wallets are an excellent choice to be home to your cash and cards. The manufacturers of your wallet must uphold environmental sustainability because you wouldn’t want to patronise a company who got their materials through unethical means.

If you are an outdoor kind of person, you can choose to have a wallet made of synthetic materials. These kinds of wallets can keep the contents secured despite your active lifestyle, and it won’t be damaged easily despite being exposed to the elements like the heat of the sun or water.

  1. Think of your Wallet as a Long-Term Investment

Think of your wallet as a long-term investment because this is where you keep things (card and cash) that are essential for you to achieve both your short-term and long-term plans. Think of your wallet as a home that will protect these things.

Yes, you can go for a cheaper wallet, but how long will it last? Always go for quality over quantity. You can still set a price range on how much you are willing to spend for your wallet but set a range that can buy you a quality one.

Cheap wallets can range from as low as 5 dollars, but if you want to go for real quality, then prepare to pay at least 250 dollars. The price difference can be significant, but so is the quality.

If you go for a wallet from a reputable brand, then you are assured of a high quality and premium wallet that will last for quite a long time – it can even outlive some of your equipment at home. Thus, in relation to this, is tip number 1. Classic wallets never go out of style, so you are assured that you can use it for quite a long time.

A high-quality wallet also gives a status symbol you can show off, especially in the business world.

  1. Choose the Right Color

The color of your wallet will be dependent on your choice in consideration of your lifestyle. For instance, if you are working in a bank or does a lot of business calls, then you should go for classic colors like black, gray, or brown.

But if you are someone involved in the creative industry, then you can go for a more colorful wallet. You can also choose to have a wallet with a pattern or a simple, minimalist wallet.

  1. Consider the Compartments

This tip is talking about functionality. Considering the compartments of your wallet based on the things you have to bring daily is very important.

For example, if you are someone who would want to bring in memory cards in your wallet, then choose a wallet that has compartments made to keep those cards.

If you are someone who uses the train every day and would need to use the train card, then you can go for the smart slide wallet or a wallet that has a card compartment in front of it. With this kind of design, it will be easier for you to tap your card in the train station. The same goes if you want to have an identification card readily available every time you need it.

If you are a card kind of person, then go for a wallet that has enough compartments to keep all your cards.

If you are both a card and a cash person, then you can have bifold, trifold, or a money clip. What’s important to consider with this point is for your wallet to take care of your every need.

K2 slimline rfid pulltab money clip wallet

  1. Choose a wallet with RFID Blocking Technology

Wallets with RFID Blocking Technology cost more than regular wallets. But think of it this way: Is your peace of mind and feeling of security not worth the price difference?

Everything is going digital now, and thieves are one of them. It is straightforward for them to acquire the gadgets they can use to copy your information. By just being meters away from you, they will be able to get the information they need and use it the way they want to – and not in the right way.

With RFID Blocking Technology in your wallet, you will be able to protect yourself from these bad elements. The RFID Blocking technology will protect your information from getting stolen.

Just imagine the stress and the hassle that you’ll have to go through if you have to dispute unauthorized charges from your credit card. We bet that even the thought of it is already stressing you out. Imagine the number of calls you have to make and the documentary requirements you have to submit. Now, is that kind of stress worth a few bucks of savings?

There might be lesser incidents of identity theft, but with everything moving at a fast pace now, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before these thieves catch up. It would be better to be proactive and be protected.

There you go, those are some tips that can guide you in choosing the right wallet for you. It’s time to start thinking and stop undervaluing your wallet because if there’s one thing we’ll all agree upon, it’s that wallets are an essential accessory.

There sure are a lot of factors that you have to consider in buying one – from design, functionality, size, etc. but it will only be by considering these factors that you will be able to get the right wallet for you.

To narrow down your choices, we recommend that you start by looking at Karakoram2 Wallets. All the tips we gave above are all pointing down to their wallets – classic, handy, made of ethically sourced leather, an excellent long-term investment, stylish colors, functional, and with RFID Blocking technology.

Karakoram2 Wallets comes in three designs: Sublime, Slim Line, and Smart Slide. All Karakoram2 Wallets are slim and sleek with minimalist designs and superior functionality. That’s why it’s a classic, and it will never go out of style.

Its slim profile will make it easy for you to carry it around without it being an obstruction to your fashion style. It is also crafted from sustainably sourced full-grain leather, so you are assured of the sustainability of the environment. You will never be guilty of carrying a Karakoram2 Wallet with you because you are at peace that all the materials used are ethically sourced.

Karakoram2 Wallets are also very affordable, given its quality. You can own one for as low as $66. With the kind of wallet Karakoram2 is, you’ve surely got more than what you paid for – it’s like paying for a wallet with a quality worth $250 but with the price of $66.

The colors are also carefully chosen to give you the style statement you deserve. Sublime Wallets comes in Navy Blue, Russet Brown, or a combination of both. The Slim Line Collection comes in Russet Brown and Black while the Smart Slide shines perfectly with its black color.

One cannot argue with Karakoram2 Wallet’s functionality as well. All the designs are crafted with functionality in mind. The Sublime Wallet collection comes with two easy pull tabs, an inner coin pocket, and quick access slots. The SlimLine also has ready access pull tabs, an internal card storage slots and money clip for your bills. The Smart Slide has a card popup mechanism so you can access your cards with just one click.

All Karakoram2 Wallets are also equipped with RFID Blocking Technology. Karakoram2 understands the risks of a fast-evolving digital world, so they made sure that their wallets will be ready for it.

Check out Karakoram2 Wallets to choose a design that will best serve your needs. Owning a Karakoram2 Wallet is like getting an expensive brand with half the price but with the same superior quality.

It’s time to think of your next wallet. It’s time to get a Karakoram2 Wallet. Whether it is Sublime, Slim Line, or Smart Slide, a piece of Karakoram2 will be the best wallet decision you’ve ever made.k2 premium leather wallets

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