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Article: Picking Out The Perfect Wallet And Card Holder

Picking Out The Perfect Wallet And Card Holder

Picking Out The Perfect Wallet And Card Holder

We’ll start by saying that here at Karakoram, you will find that we have the best quality wallets and cardholders. Wallets made out of full-grain leather are considered to be the most robust and durable types of wallets that you will find in the market. 

Not only are our wallets highly resistant to wear and tear, but they are also known for developing a beautiful patina over time. However, you should also consider the thought of purchasing a cardholder. Both wallet and cardholder have their advantages and disadvantages, however, so you will have to sort that out on your own.

Are you finding trouble choosing the right wallet or cardholder? Then read on!


What Makes A Good Wallet?

To answer that question, we will have to say that there is quite a variety of wallet types that you can choose from. There are many different sizes and designs, there are also different varieties like the classic bifold wallet or the rather modern trifold ones. 

When choosing a wallet size, buying a large one might seem convenient at first, however, it might end up being too bulky and awkward to handle. It’s best to choose a wallet that is easy to carry and easy to fit in your pockets 

Another wallet type to consider getting is a long wallet. It might not be the most convenient when talking about wallet sizes, but it surely is on the more fashionable side among wallet choices. 

You could even fit your phone in one, making it a convenient piece to carry if you’re always on the go with your phone. On a side note, a long wallet also acts as a phone protector, making it a lot safer to carry around. 

Considering how a long wallet is deemed to be a fashion piece doesn’t mean to undermine the fact that any other wallet can also be fashionable. From design to craftsmanship, many variables factor into a good wallet. 

Poor craftsmanship can be such a waste, especially when the leather being used is top quality. Here at Karakoram, we assure you that every wallet we have is made with utmost care and precision to ensure that not only is your wallet durable, but as well as to make sure that it’s in pristine condition at all times.


What Makes A Good Cardholder?

Another factor to consider is that there are many different designs and types to choose from when picking a cardholder. Considering how there are varying types of wallets, there’s no reason for cardholders to not have the same wide array of options.

Cardholders are known for being a lot more convenient to carry when compared to wallets thanks to how they’re so light and compact. Wallets are generally thicker and bulkier than cardholders so that in itself is already an advantage against wallets in a general sense.

Aside from blending in perfectly into your pockets, cardholders are also “in” right now—as in they are gaining a lot of popularity as an accessory thanks to their clean, sleek designs. A factor to this is that cardholders are generally thin, which won’t make them bulge out in your pockets when they are filled up.

Having a cardholder is also beneficial when it comes to choosing the right things to carry daily. A smaller cardholder also gives you options as to how you may carry it on your person as well as giving you the option to carry more items. They’re also great at keeping you more organized since you can fit all sorts of cards in them, hence the name “cardholder”—from store cards, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and many others, the choice is yours.

Cardholders are also known to be a lot more durable when compared to wallets thanks to their small size, which you can fit into almost any pocket in your body. 


So Which Exactly Is Better?

Not a very simple question to answer considering how people all have different priorities, but let us get through all the basics and compare the classic wallet and modern cardholder against each other.

First of all, both wallets and cardholders are great accessory pieces. However, it is believed that wallets are a lot more prized compared to cardholders since they’re larger and are easier to look at. Wallets also have the advantage when it comes to variety in design and quality since there’s a lot more surface area that can be worked on in the design phase.

The sheer size differences also make it so that wallets can carry more things with you, which can be a plus depending on your needs and situation. On that note, people also end up forgetting how many things they end up stuffing into their wallets at the end of the day.

And this is where the cardholder comes in since choosing a cardholder will help you lessen the things that you have to carry daily. This is a great option for people who are trying to carry fewer items and are living the minimalist lifestyle. Having to carry fewer items with you, as mentioned  earlier, makes organizing your things a lot easier to deal with.

When choosing a wallet or a cardholder, you must bear in mind that you are most likely going to be keeping your cardholder in your pockets while you keep your wallets in a separate bag. This is because it’s simply a lot easier to carry them in either of those methods.


What Are You Waiting For?

At Karakoram, we have all sorts of wallets and cardholders for you to choose from. Whether it be a wallet for that one fashion piece you have always been looking for. Or even that cardholder you have been needing to make your life a little bit organized. Either option is great, all you need to think about is whether you’re into the fashion side of things or the convenience side of things. 

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