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Article: Minimalist Wallets for Men

k2 mens leather wallet

Minimalist Wallets for Men

The time for big, thick, and chunky wallets for men has long passed. The slim wallet is the new trend that’s taking over men’s fashion.

Though there are tri-fold and bi-fold slim wallets, the question remains, which one should you choose to buy?

Following are some considerations to keep in view in selecting a wallet.

Functional Design

It’s safe to say that men buy and use wallets because of its primary function - to let them bring their valuables with them. Therefore, having a slim wallet ensures that you can carry it with you wherever you go any time of the day.

Having a slim wallet made from full grain leather is even more functional. You can use it at a party or at work. Regardless of the event, location, or time, a sleek leather wallet contributes to your perception, especially to help you step up your impression as it is part of your wardrobe.

A functional design also means that the wallet can store all your required items i.e. has enough compartments, but also doesn’t expand too much.

K2 mens wallet functional design

Special Grip and Design

Thick wallets are uncomfortable and cause a bulge when placed inside the pockets and or when held. Slim wallets on the other hand blend in with the seams of your pants.

Make sure that your wallet is made of sturdy and durable materials, such as genuine or full grain leather, to help in your grip. Some designs also have an inner coin pocket to help you get rid of coins in your pocket.

The design matters when looking to buy a wallet. You can also consider added features such as RFID protection. This gives added protection on your cards and prevents scanning devices to collect information.

Weigh Less

Both men and women would agree that aside from phones, their wallet is the second item they bring anywhere.

Having the feeling of carrying less than the usual will definitely go a long way, especially when it comes to comfort.
Slim wallets, aside from their size, are also made of light and durable materials. Premium leather isn’t heavy compared to, for example, multi-tool wallets or stainless wallets.

Health Benefits

Studies have also shown that having a long or thick wallet can affect your posture. Having bulky wallets on your front or back pocket can affect your sciatic nerve when sitting down.

Don’t be afraid to cut down the size of your wallet to avoid having any type of discomfort while sitting on your daily commute by a train or by car. 

 K2 Smart Slide mens card holder wallet womens australia

Water Resistant

Genuine leather is water resistant. However, it isn’t waterproof. Nonetheless, having a water-resistant wallet also ensures you that your valuables are safe even if you walk or run for a few seconds or a minute under the rain.

Just remember that the older a leather wallet gets, especially without treatment, will not always be water-resistant. Make sure to treat your slim wallet to a quick “spa” day, too!

Are you ready and excited to get the best men’s wallet for you? Start your search now and use these tips when looking for the wallet that best suits you!

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