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Article: 5 Best Types of Wallet for Men

5 Best Types of Wallet for Men

5 Best Types of Wallet for Men

Would you be anywhere without your wallet? We bet not! Our wallets have many important things we can’t live without in our everyday lives, such as cash, identification cards, debit cards, transportation passes, and many more. And that makes wallets one of the most important accessories in our lives.

While it is relatively easy to find a wallet, we are still faced with a wide array of choices that can confuse us on which wallet is best for us. There are also different designs, styles, and materials to choose from. Those factors will help you clench your decision is how you are using your wallet.

You need to choose a wallet that will match your lifestyle. It is only then that you can allow it to serve you the best way it can. There are different types of wallets that you can choose from based on their functionality. But to narrow down your choices, these are the top five classic men’s style wallets that you can choose from.

  1. The Bi-fold

The Bi-fold, also known as a billfold, is a classic men’s wallet design that is really simple but ultra-functional. It is a basic design that folds down the middle once over, thereby folding any currency within the wallet into half.

This wallet design can be traced back to the late 1600s. After the paper currency was introduced in the 1690s, a basic version of the bifold was created to house this currency. It has a small pocket for identification in addition to the main currency pocket.

When credit cards were introduced during the 1950s, the bi-fold design was refined to cater to this development. It had additional slots to accommodate credit cards.

The bi-fold wallet is one of the most commonly used wallets in the world. Not to mention the most traditional too.

  1. The Tri-fold Wallet

The tri-fold wallet is a variant of the bi-fold, and with the word, “tri” means it has an additional fold compared to the bi-fold. It is designed to accommodate more essentials into one space. It is usually rectangular in shape and has three sections.

Just like the bi-fold, it has one pocket for keeping paper cash, but it has more space to store other things such as bank cards, travel documents, and other business cars. A trifold usually contains 10 or more slots. It even has a receipt pocket where you can keep store receipts you need to keep.

However, the abundance of its space availability can work adversely for you as well. Since there is a lot of space to store things, you can be tempted to keep things that are not so important, making your wallet fat and bulky one. An overstuffed wallet is not a good idea. It will make your wallet heavier and more susceptible to theft.

  1. The Credit Card Holder

A wallet’s design also evolves based on its functionality. Now that many people prefer to use credit cards over cash, the credit card holder was created.

Credit card holder wallets are typically made from leather and has the same size and dimensions as a credit card. Take note, though, that it leaves no room for loose cash. A popular design is a single pocket that has multiple card slots, which still allows room for all the important cards you need to use every day.

If you are a man who wants a minimal wallet size and doesn’t want to carry around cash, then this type of wallet will best suit you. There is less chance it will be bulky, unlike the bifold and the trifold wallets. Since there are only a limited number of card slots, you will be disciplined enough to carry the cards that you consider the most important.

Since it is small and compact in size, it can fit anywhere. You can place it in your front pocket or shirt pocket with ease.

  1. The Money Clip

The Money Clip is thought to be the opposite of a Credit Cardholder Wallet. Money clips have clipped fasteners made out of pliable metal or plastic that can safely secure your paper bills. Some clips will allow you to store more paper notes without the need for a larger clip because it includes spring and hinges.

Money clip wallets are made specifically for money currencies, and it is perfect for people who prefer using cash over cards.  Its main purpose is to keep the cash organized as it helps you avoid having loose cash in other pockets of your wallet (as in a bifold).

It is easier to see your available cash, which makes it a security hazard for you. If you want to go for this kind of wallet, then be ready for the security risks that come with it.

  1. RFID Protected Wallet

It is undeniable that a lot of things are going digital now – not just wallets but thieves as well. 

With more and more people using electronic cards, these thieves have also leveled in trying to steal your information. By simply passing over your card, they can gain access to your most sensitive banking information.

To protect yourself, consider getting a wallet with RFID protection. RFID is an advanced digital method that protects your cards from getting skimmed.

Wallets with RFID protection have a fine mesh of either copper or steel woven into the making of the wallet. This creates an electromagnetic shield around the card protecting your wallet from the advanced devices that thieves are using.


There are other styles of men’s wallets out there but these five tops our list. They are the most common and considered to be the most functional as well.

For minimalist bi-fold or credit cardholders with RFID protection, we strongly recommend you check out Karakoram2 men’s leather wallets. Our wallets are classic and timeless, plus it has the combination of the most important functions a wallet can have. Why choose between two functions when you can have both in one wallet, right? 

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