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Sale price$93 AUD
Colour:Navy Blue 2 Tone

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Slim leather wallet with two leather pull tabs

Holds up to 12 cards, cash and coins seamlessly

Crafted from full grain leather & RFID protected.

Core Features

    • Slim men's wallet
    • Holds 4 - 12 Cards
    • RFID protection technology
    • Non-RFID card pocket for your tap & go card
    • Two easy card pull tabs
    • Inner coin pocket
    • Fits all international currency sizes
    • Premium, sustainably sourced full grain leather
    • 2 Years Warranty
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Matchless sublimity to amp up your style quotient—a masterpiece that makes heads turn your way.

Sublime is a slim wallet that speaks to the uniqueness in you, making you stand out. Sustainably sourced full-grain leather is lush and buttery, and every stitch is the epitome of perfection. Vegetable-tanned in dynamic tones that contrast, the Sublime is crafted into a bifold wallet for men that personifies originality.

Two quick-access slots for those frequently-used cards, and two pull tabs for storing up to 8 additional cards—you’ll never be short on space. A secure coin pocket keeps the jingle in check, and a hidden card slot blends seamlessly into the sleek design. RFID protection protects you from losing valuable information to hackers with intrusive skimming.

Marvelously designed men’s leather wallet in eye-catching tones. This RFID wallet truly delivers in aesthetics and security—it’s truly Sublime.


  1. Dimensions: 95 mm x 98 mm - bi-fold wallet
  2. Materials: Sustainably Sourced Full Grain Leather

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping on all orders in Australia and New Zealand, and our 30 days, no questions asked return policy.

Care Guide

If your wallet ever gets wet, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off water. Avoid using heat appliances to dry your wallet. From time to time, use a leather conditioner to seal the leather to ensure longevity.

Handy tips: Do not over load your wallet as it can stress it's seams.

Karakoram2 Sublime slim mens RFID leather wallet Australia New Zealand navy blue brown two tone
Sublime Sale price$93 AUD

Premium Quality

Fast and free shipping

100% secure checkout

24 months warranty

Full Grain Leather

The traditional vegetable tanned leather characterised by its soft & supple surface and natural finish.

 Designed in Sydney

Designed in Sydney, Australia by the Karakoram2 design team emphasising contemporary aesthetic.

RFID Canvas Lining

Safe and secure, the RFID lining will keep your possessions protected from unwanted exposures.

Made For Life

Resisting the throw-away is part of our philosophy. Every K2 is made to last, and made sustainably.

Elegant Craftsmanship.

Beautifully simple construction that just works while looking elegant. The RFID blocking technology will give you peace of mind, knowing that your personal and financial information is safe and secure.

The Pull Tabs.

Two Pull tabs provide seamless access to your stack of cards, making it easy to grab what you need, when you need it.

Karakoram2 Australia Slim mens leather wallet bifold rfid with pull tabs
Karakoram2 Australia Slim mens leather wallet bifold rfid with pull tabs navy blue

Rolled Edges.

Years of refinement have gone into how we craft edges. As a result, the edges are durable, elegant and stand the test of time.

Ample Storage.

Sublime wallet easily fits 6 paper bills, 8 credit cards and 4 name cards. Over time, the natural leather softens up and adjusts. This means the capacity increases further.

Karakoram2 Australia Slim mens leather wallet bifold rfid with pull tabs
Karakoram2 Australia Slim mens leather wallet bifold rfid with pull tabs flat lay

Full Grain Leather.

Made from premium full grain leather, the Sublime is designed to be your side for the years to come.

Slim Design.

Up to 50% slimmer than a traditional wallet so that you carry more and carry with style. The slim and sleek design ensures that your pocket won't feel bulky.

Karakoram2 Australia Slim mens leather wallet bifold rfid with pull tabs minimal design

Customer Reviews

Based on 234 reviews
Steve M
Always perfect

First I bought the Smart Slide.

Then I bought the Sublime.

Next, I’ll buy another.

Perfect stuff, each and every one of them. Craftsmanship is second to none and minimalistic yet everything you’ll need. The leather softens with time and they’re basically the perfect wallet if you’re one of those guys who just wants to carry the essentials. The Sublime is enough to carry the notes you’ll need for a day, night out or a holiday and the Smart Slide is my “go to” for everything in between.

Zimmy Too

The leather and workmanship is superb. Nice minimalist design.

Beautifully Crafted Slimline Wallet

I was gifted the Karakoram2 Smart Slide wallet by my GF for Christmas, and i loved it so much I ended up visiting the website and purchasing the Light wallet and the Sublime wallet as well!
I now own the perfect wallet for every occasion.
The build quality is excellent, and the Sublime wallet always stays slim even with all my cards and cash tucked inside. There is also a small coin pouch hidden inside the cash compartment!
The leather feels and smells great, and the customer support is excellent as well Overall very satisfied with my purchases.

Josef Moss
Best wallet I’ve ever had or seen

Perfectly practical. It’s tough and to my surprise every time I pull it out I just think to myself “ man I love this wallet” I actually enjoy pulling cards out of this wallet just so I can hold it 😂😂 much love karakorama.

Great Quality as Advertised

Loved the design, quality and quick shipping.

For future designs, please consider AirTag integration

William O
Great Wallet and stylish

Can't fault it, love it and its so compact

Raj Dhakal


David Scott
New Karakoram2 mens wallet review

Had the wallet for 5 weeks now. Out of the box it looked and felt like a quality item. I have 8 plastic cards inside and its not too bulky. The 2 easy access slots in the front work really well, and I'm not concerned about cards falling out accidentally. The 2 pull tabs make it easy to access the other plastic cards. The leather in the note section took a couple of weeks to soften up and become more usable. There is a section in the back of the wallet would be useful to put an emergency' $10 note or such like. The coin section isn't an easy access, but would probably OK to keep a coin in for shopping trolleys. Overall I'm very happy with it. Size-wise it doesn't take too much room in my pocket, holds plastic cards and notes, plus a couple of other flat card items. Roughly 100mm x 90mm in size. Loaded with 8 cards plus cash about 23mm thickness. Would definitely recommend if it meets the criteria you are looking for.

Guillermo Sánchez Recuero
Great wallet

Beautiful wallet. Quality leather and great design.

Amazing service

I had a very minor issue with my nearly one year old wallet and the team at Karakoram2 replaced the wallet with no questions asked. It is hands down the best wallet I have ever had. Thank you for the amazing service and a great quality product!